We have a wide range of comprehensive electrical services from maintenance, small repair jobs, and new construction and installation. Don't take any unnecessary risks in keeping your home up to date- give us a call today!

Electrical Design

We're also experienced, trained and licensed for electrical design and we'll work with you every step of the way to make sure you are satisfied with the final commercial or residential electrical project. Our licensed, highly trained electrical administrators will work with you or your contractor to achieve the quality final product you expect in your residential or commercial electrical project.We make it our job to know all the updated zoning laws, building permit requirements, and homeowner's association guidelines.

During the design process all elements of your electrical system are considered including: 

- Wiring devices
- Metering
- Aesthetic Considerations
- Troubleshooting
- Remodels—Partial or Complete
- New Construction
- Cable Locating
- New Outlets, Switches, Lighting Fixtures
- Energy Upgrades
- Osha Upgrades
- Code Corrections

We'll deliver professionally-designed electrical systems that will last for years to come and be up to the highest industry and technological standards.

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical maintenance is not something you can simply do yourself. For your own safety, you want to call skilled and experienced electricians who have an understanding of how dangerous electrical work can be and the knowledge of how to conduct inspections and repairs safely. We have that experience in installation, maintenance, and repair, plus years of practical knowledge in operating electrical equipment so we can work on your home without harm or damage to anything. Call our insured licensed electricians today for a free estimate!
electrician measuring and checking wires

Electrical Wiring

Are you having problems with fuses blowing in your home? When you turn on a hair dryer or an iron, does the power go out in one room or the whole house? If this is the case you probably need either a partial or complete electric rewiring of your home or business. Our trusted team of experts can inspect your commercial or residential property to see whether the issue is a faulty product or the integrity of the electrical wiring. If you do need rewiring, know that we only use the best copper wiring to ensure your safety and that the job lasts for years to come.

Our licensed professionals have years of experience in interior rewiring including:

- New construction
- Older homes
- Outdated office buildings
- Below grade (underground) electrical systems
- Service upgrades
- Outlet and switch installation and repair
- Phone, cable, computer networks and DSL wiring and rerouting


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